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Mike & Jill got their daughter, Abby, at 1 1/2 hours old. Jill believed God (for years) that she would have her baby girl. They chose adoption. And the birth mother picked them over 3 younger couples. Two were childless. The odds were great. But God’s word is true! "Thou hast given him his hearts desire and has not with holden the request of his lips." Jill stood by faith on that verse.

If you would like any information on adoption email Jill at revjill@yahoo.com

Adoption: Abby

Violinist Available

For Weddings, Banquets and Christian Events

Abby Walker

– Many Years of Violin Experience –

Call 217-433-2314

I play in recitals and church regularly (with my mother who sings, plays the piano and the flute). I also can play along with C.D. soundtracks.