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At the age of 9 yrs. old, Jill Walker became born again by receiving Jesus as her own personal Savior. Immediately after that, she began conducting “garage services” in her parents garage, to win the lost in her own neighborhood.

But music was also an important part of her life. She began piano lessons at the tender age of 6. And by 13 yrs. old, was playing the piano in church and composing songs.

Little did she know on that wedding day, that God had other plans for her life besides music. It was to be a preacher!

Shortly after this picture was taken, God called Mike & Jill to pastor their first church. Jill was getting a strong call then – but coaxed Mike into being the senior pastor. Her previous church prohibited women preachers. That’s why she shrugged off the idea that God was really calling her to preach instead of Mike.

Her first church as a co-pastor. Mike realized during this time that he did not have a call to preach like Jill did.

This church was formerly known as “Living Way Church” of Sullivan, Illinois from 1982 – 1984.

When Mike resigned December of 1984, Jill did not feel the leading of the Spirit to become the senior pastor. So they traveled as evangelists on the road; Jill taking the lead in preaching.

The whole family traveled & sang together. Then Jill would preach. These days were between 1985 – 1989.

Finally! Ordination day! May 12, 1988. Special thanks to the Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation who was a link to help her get ordained with the Evangelical Church Alliance.

It took three long years for Jill to finish her Bible courses she started in 1985.

June 25, 1989, The Revival Church (formerly known as the Gospel Chapel) opened its doors. Jill purchased the building for a remarkably low price. The building (with original stained glass windows) was built in 1913.

Jill pastored this church for 21 years as the senior pastor.

Many healings & salvations & deliverances have occurred during these services in Lovington, IL.

Jill is now a full time Pastor of The Revival Church.

You may contact her at (217) 712-1608.

In 2010, The Revival Church (in Lovington) was given as a donation (free of charge) to the Assemblies of God for the furtherance of the gospel to see the church continue.

In 2015, Jill’s Ministry bought back The Revival Church in Lovington, which will be open very soon. More info will be shared in the near future regarding the re-opening in Lovington.